Item Data

Izrae Helm 

Though 1-10U/1’s thick skull can take pretty much anything you throw at it, a little extra metal never hurts, right?

The Izrae Helm increases Health to 300!

Sakyael Banner

When equipped, 1-10U/1 gains temporary heightened clarity and toughened muscles to move faster.

The Sakyael Banner increases Speed for 10 seconds!

Health Pack

The Health Pack contains nanobots for repair or upgrade. It can only perform one of the two, so if 1-10U/1 has suffered damage, it will restore his health to the current Max. Otherwise it will upgrade his Max health!

Ammo Plus

Extra rounds keep 1-10U/1 shooting longer without needing to reload, nobody likes being interrupted while he’s cutting down zombies!

Ammo Plus increases ammunition for one clip only!

“Nuwa Special” ION Bolt Cannon

Nuwa sends her love... with ION Bolts! Deal immense area damage with this powerful heavy weapon! Limited rounds available, use wisely!


Coming soon!

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