Character Data

The only success out of tens of thousands of experiments, 1-10U/1 is the world’s last Man, brought back from extinction by professor Nuwa. His genetically altered body gives him resistance against the virus, and superhuman strength which allows Him to bear down on the zombie horde with the arsenal of a small army.

Professor Nuwa
The last of the Sisters of Sacred Hope, this young genius spent her life trying to find a cure or a weapon against the zombie horde. One day, she created the latter.
With His strength and tenacity, she hopes to cut deep into zombie settlements to find genetic splices that will aid her research in creating the ultimate bio-weapon.

What the Scratchers lack in speed or strength, they make up in numbers. They don’t have full control of their limbs so they clumsily fling their limbs in an attempt to stumble or snag their prey, then overwhelming them in packs.

Man Eaters
Man Eaters are fearsome hunters, the virus mutated their bodies to give them incredible strength, as well as an insatiable hungry for flesh. They are often seen feeding on a carcass, and would even use it to hunt a fresh prey that comes by.

Little Deads
Even young girls were not spared the undead, unliving fate of the infected. The virus strengthened the legs so they could quickly close the gap between them and their prey, and using their small stature to their advantage, many fell before they even knew what bit them.

Pus Heads
The virus seems to have planted themselves on the neck of these women, and developed a toxic growth which it uses as a venomous projectile to kill their prey. Many have fallen to their poison while distracted by the other zombies. Do not let your guard down.

Blond Bombs
Those of us who were infused sometimes fell victim during the zombies’ raids. They suffered a horrible fate as the virus chose the unborn life as its host, the mother now a mere lifeless carrier. Stay well away from them! The fetal monster detonates its carrier to disable its prey, though it does take its own life in the process....sometimes....

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